Designed for minimal visual impact, XPEL XTREME™ delivers an industry-leading level of optical clarity. The lack of texture ensures the protective film is practically invisible.


With 13 mils (.013″) of protection, this paint protection product is built for off-road, commercial andindustrial vehicles. It withstands the worst of punishment.

Sleek, invisible paint protection is great for that “normal” everyday ride. But sometimes work and play takes you places a lot more rugged than “normal.”

XPEL ARMOR provides the thickest, strongest protective barrier in the XPEL lineup—perfect for commercial, industrial, and off-road vehicles. Defend against scrapes, scratches, scuffs, gravel strikes, and other hazards with protection you can see—and feel.

XPEL ARMOR’s substantial, pebbled polymer film looks and performs like spray-on bedliner, but at a fraction of the cost. XPEL ARMOR is 30 percent thicker than conventional films, and designed to resist abrasions and punctures from even the most rugged use.

Applied to kick plates, bumpers, rocker panels, tailgate areas or other high-wear locations, XPEL ARMOR is designed to take a beating and still look great. It also doesn’t require any special care after installation. Dirt, grease, tar and other contaminants hose right off.

Looking for something to enhance an “experienced” vehicle that already has some road rash or other paint damage? XPEL ARMOR covers those areas and provides both protection from new damage and a unified look with the surrounding undamaged areas.

And even though XPEL ARMOR will be going with you into the toughest conditions, you’re still covered by the one of the best warranties in the business—seven years against cracking, peeling, or discoloration.

It’s time to get dirty.